What About Popl?

Popl lets you instantly share your digital business card, social media, music, payment platforms and contact info by simply tapping your phone to another.


Has anyone heard of the new digital business card product called Popl? Amanda and I decided to try it out. We went online to http://www.popl.co and purchased a total of four Popl products ( 2 keychains and 2 NFC tags for the back of our phones). We waited for about 5 business days before the products came in the mail via USPS.

Amanda and I are business partners, therefore whenever we are doing anything for the business we usually do it together. The packaging of the Popl is very minimal and the instructions are just as minimal. The creators probably figured that anyone using a digital business card should be tech-savvy. We both pride ourselves in being at least a little tech-savvy : ).

Anyway, I am an iPhone user and Amanda is an Android user. Before we purchased the Popl product we did make sure that it is compatible with both of our phones. Needless to say, per my opinion, the iPhone was a lot easier to use when creating my profile and going through the activation process. Once everything was updated and activated we tested out the Popl to see if a simple tap of the phone would send over ones digital business card to the others phone and VIOLA! it did indeed.

Your Popl profile allows you to add a profile description, business card, logo picture, contact card, social media and website links, and more.

I would definitely advise any business owner to grab a Popl. It is inexpensive, appears to be durable, and seems to be a lot more convenient than remembering to bring your business card everywhere. See below for images of my Popl profile. Check me out at sberlack (poplme.co).

Happy Popping!

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