Meet Nicole Deonte, Owner of Reclaiming Myself

Today I had the pleasure of doing an exclusive interview with Nicole Deonte, a female entrepreneur. We took time to discuss her role as a Life Coach, Certified Yoga Coach, and her mission to help women fall back in love with themselves through self love coaching and yoga. Read the interview below:

Question: How long have you been practicing yoga?

Nicole: I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years.

Question: How did you get started teaching yoga?

Nicole: I have a virtual studio and I also teach class in a local studio here in Memphis. I got started because when I was going to yoga classes I was in Washington State, because my husband was stationed there for the military. As I was going to the yoga classes there were no women that looked like me. By looking like me, I mean there were no black women, no heavyset women with curves, or anyone that I could relate too. The classes we amazing, but it was missing that aspect of it. When the pandemic hit last year there was an opportunity that came across for me to become a certified yoga teacher with My Vinyasa Practice. Its the name of the business, the school I attended. So I did their scholarship for free and met so many other women of color who were trying to do the same thing. I thought it would be so amazing to take the course and put more black yogis out there so that we know that yoga is for everyone. It is for us too. We may not look like your typical yoga teacher in the western world but we can still have access to everything that yoga provides.

Question: What type of yoga do you teach?

Nicole: I teach Vinyasa Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for beginners, and Office Yoga ( For professionals who can not come into the studio but have time for a 30 minute yoga class while on lunch break. It still has the same affect of being in a regular yoga class). I also do Trap Yoga and then I am going to add Couples Yoga.

Question: Do feel yoga is more mental or physical?

Nicole: I would say it’s both. I would say its mental, physical, and spiritual.

Question: Do you believe yoga is a form of healing and medicine?

Nicole: It is most definitely is. I feel that through yoga we are learning to focus on our breath. By focusing on our breath we are able to calm our body and our body is able to heal itself.

Question: Do you feel as though the pandemic has helped your business?

Nicole: Yes, well that is the way I started. When I started everything was virtual. I feel like doing it virtual has allowed me to reach more people, a larger audience, and not just here in my city. I have people from as far as Florida, Washington State, and New York that have all purchased and attended classes. It was the first time for many of them because they saw a flyer on social media. I am able to access more households, and get to those who are not able to socialize due to the pandemic.

Question: Are you working as a Yoga Coach fulltime?

Nicole: Yes it is full time. I teach classes in the local studio as well as my online studio. I am also working on stretching my classes and marketing during the day.

Question: Tell me a little about you as person.

Nicole: I am originally from Memphis Tennessee. I have a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I worked 16 years in early childhood education. I am a mother of two children, a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I am a wife. I love journaling, mediation, shopping, and reading.

End of Interview.

Do yourself a favor and check out Nicole at the following links below. Let this beautiful spirit guide you on your course to Reclaiming Your-Self Love.
Instagram: _reclaimingmyself_
Facebook: Reclaiming Myself
Subscribe to her website at to shop and get exclusive information on her Self Love Retreat coming in May!

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