Crafting with SBerlack

Classy Tennis Bracelet with Seed Beads

Hello! This is just a quick look into what I do for my hobby/small business at Embrace Me Beads LLC. I make bracelets, waist beads, ash trays, journals, etc. There is a wide range of products to purchase on the website. I feel as though it would be fun to give an inside look at what it takes to make some of those items.

With this being said, I will post random projects on the blog that show how I make my products. This is my first time doing this so bare with me. Visit me at to see more of my work!

What this is:

This is a Loom Bead Bracelet made with seed beads, needle thread, and a bead loomer. I used six pieces of thread, and each row has five seed beads each. Watch the video below for a really quick look at how it was made. Thank you for watching!

Press Play!

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