Organize the Clutter

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

The growth of my businesses has brought about all kinds of opportunities that I am grateful for. One of the opportunities that I can do without is CLUTTER! As I stated in a prior blog post, my bedroom is where I keep all of my business materials. The beads, hardware, and paperwork all seemed to be all over the place. It literally put me in a place that made me not even want to produce more work. Thank goodness for organizers!

I went online for storage ideas and was delighted to see so many. I knew that I wanted to go with white to match the decor in my bedroom. Another important factor for me was budget. It was important for me to make the storage space efficient and user friendly as well. My list included a craft table with shelves and wheels, a few drawer carts, and a high table.

Michaels, Target, and Wal-Mart are just some stores that offer all of these organization solutions at affordable prices. I personally love Michaels because they are offer rewards coupons for members that can be combined with other store offers.

Once I was able to organize my clutter I was immediately proud of my workspace. It made be feel like a true professional! Not only was it appealing to look at but it immediately made me feel more productive. I have already started working on a new product for my jewelry business. Look below for what I decided to go with. Happy organizing!

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