Say Hello to Enomis, Author of “Get ‘Em, Girl”

I had the pleasure of speaking with Enomis about her book titled “Get ‘Em, Girl”. Not only did we discuss her vision and purpose behind the book, but I was also able to get a special glimpse into the light that Enomis is shining on intolerance to domestic violence. I hope this read will inspire others to want to get to know this softspoken Queen and support her cause.

Question: Tell me about yourself?

Enomis: I am a 41 year old, single mother of two boys. I am also a Registered Nurse by trade, and I am an Author. I became an author because I felt the need to get some things out of my system. To write down on paper things that I was feeling as part of a healing process. So that is how the “Get’ Em, Girl” book came about.

Question: What is the name of the book?

Enomis: “Get ‘Em, Girl” : A Girlfriends Mind on Revenge.

Question: Where did you get your inspiration to write the book?

Enomis: I had been in some domestic violence situations throughout some of the earlier years of my life, and I had also watched it in my home growing up. Sad to say it seemed familiar. It seemed not as bad as what someone else was going through or not a bad as someone else’s situation. For a long time I justified my reasons for continuing to staying in that situation until I was tired.

Question: Did writing this book help with healing?

Enomis: Yes, it totally was a major part of my healing process because I was able to get everything out. Everything that I was thinking. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I could get it out and put it away. That way I could begin to replace that negativity with positivity, and build myself up a little bit at a time. It did definitely help with my healing process.

Question: Do you see yourself writing more books in the future?

Enomis: Yes, I do. “Get ‘Em, Girl” is a volume one edition. I do plan on doing a volume two and I also want to target either a third volume or fourth volume for men. Men are also put in sticky situations by women. Women abusers, women users, and different things. Yes, there will be more volumes to come.

Question: Do you still practice your nursing trade?

Enomis: Yes, so as far as my Registered Nurse I still do a lot of projects involving it, but it is more administrative than floor or beside nursing.

Question: Do you see yourself branching out from the “Get ‘Em, Girl” collection, or branch out into other genres?

Enomis: I want to grow the community but in it I also want to branch off and further explain or make women aware of their Queen status. Some women have never been told this by their fathers or in general. I feel like sometimes we settle for less than what we deserve. So I am coming back full circle to explain to women how valuable they are and what our role is meant to be to the man or the household. I feel like that needs to be revisited. I need to do my part to open up the awareness of women. From that point I would like to branch off into other things, as in our God given prosperity.

Question: How has your book touched others?

Enomis: I have noticed that the stories contained in the book (because there are 16 short stories) are very identifiable with other women and what they are going through. I think through that fact a lot of women have been reached and can see themselves in the stories. Sometimes when we are going through our own mess we can not see too clearly, but when we step outside and read it about someone else or watch it from a different view point we can see. This book was written and shared with other women as a tool to let them know they are not alone. There are other women going through this, there are other women having these crazy thoughts of revenge, but it is not worth you remaining in the situation to possibly lose your life our your livelihood.

Question: How did you put your book together?

Enomis: What used to occur back in the day is me and my sisters would get together and talk about little situations that we’d been through. For instance we’d say ‘remember this time when we did this’ or ‘remember this time when this happened’, as far as it related to our relationships. As we shared those stories I noticed that some of those stories we revisited a lot. It wasn’t just me who needed to let go of things and put things on paper to get things out. It was also my sisters. So some of those stories are stories from sisters. As a whole collectively, it has helped a majority of us. There are still some people who are not ready. You have to individually be ready to leave, you have to know when enough is enough, no one can tell it to you. That is how it began.

Question: As far as writing in general what advice would you give someone who is interested in writing a book or branching out into that area?

Enomis: Begin journaling. Begin journaling your thoughts and do it in a way that is true to how you really feel. Don’t necessarily try to make it pretty because everything isn’t pretty. Write down what you truly feel, your raw emotions, the realness of that thing that you believe in or that your witnessing or that you are going through. Something that really helped me, was sometimes late at night I would have a thought or a dream and if I had something beside me to write with I could just sit up really quickly, write down that thought, and then go back to sleep. The times that I did not, I noticed that I did not remember as clearly in the morning what that thing was. So I would suggest journaling the real thoughts, and the real feelings. Always have something beside you to write with, especially in the middle of the night.

Question: How long would you say it took to get your book from an idea, to a publication, and then for sale?

Enomis: I would say a little less than a year. It was written, published, ready and I was doing a book launch. Again, some of these stories were not hard to come up with because they were real. It was things that we were all going through. It just needed to be written down and written down in a way that someone who was not there could follow the events. I also had to alter the names and places to protect the identity of the women and men who were involved in the situations.

Question: Where can we go to purchase the book and get more information about you?

Enomis: There is a Facebook page for Get ‘Em, Girl. I post there and do inspirational quotes. They can go to the Facebook page to follow and like us. There is also a store where the book can be purchased as well as apparel with different sayings that women say to display a current mood.

The subject of domestic violence is one that is looked at with so much tolerance and it is intolerable. WE need for people to begin to awaken to the fact that it is not okay. No matter who you saw experiencing it in your childhood or in your immediate circle it, is not okay. It is not normal even though you saw it. We were not meant to be used or abused and until we stand up for something we will continue to fall for anything.


End of Interview.

Enomis will be the Guest Speaker at our Sip and Social Event on April 24, 2021.

For more information about Enomis and “Get ‘Em, Girl” go to:

Facebook: Get ‘Em, Girl


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