Meet Powerhouse Thessa Pickett, owner of MCSV Corp

We had the pleasure to speak with Thessa Pickett. She is an amazing lady, who has multiple businesses. Read below.

Question: Tell me about yourself.

Thessa: I have 4 children, I have been married for 19 years, and I have been in business for 8 of those years. I first started the business with a Jani King Franchise and making only $1000 a month. Now we are making about $17,000 – $18,000 per month. The business is not just making that much money from the Jenny King franchise we have other businesses as well.

Question: What kind of business is the Jani King Franchise?

Answer: Commercial Cleaning.

Question: What piqued your interest about the Commercial Cleaning franchise?

Answer: I used to work as an office and financial manager at a nonprofit in Greensboro. A lady that owned a franchise came in my office and told me about the franchise, so when I got my taxes that next year I invested. It was pretty much through word of mouth.

Question: What steps did you take to make the business profitable?

Answer: The company grew slowly. We networked, hired full staff in the last 2 years. So just basically networking and taking my time hiring people. We focused on growing slowly instead of fast.

Question: How many businesses are you cleaning for?

Answer: We have 8 commercial cleaning contracts. I just secured a tax prep franchise this year. We slowly secured business over time.

Questions: Where are the businesses located?

Answer: I have a couple of accounts in South Carolina, Fayetteville, and several in Winston Salem, NC.

Question: What is the name of your cleaning business?

Answer: MCSV Corp. We deviate as Sparkle 360.

Question: Tell me more about the Tax Prep Franchise you recently secured.

Answer: I secured a tax prep franchise by the name of One Stop Taxes. It is majority owned by women. I am looking for other people that are interested in becoming a Certified Tax Professional as well. They give you training. You do not have to pay for the invest until after you have prepared your first few sets of taxes, but the fee is small. You can pick the amount that your charge the client. It just depends on how complex the tax preparation is. 

Question: How long have you been involved in the tax business?

Answer: I have been involved in it for several years.  For at least 4 or 5 years I did it privately, but now I can offer my services to the public. It is fully insured and in the first couple of months with tax season we open the advances just like any other tax prep service.

Question: How would someone reach out for your tax prep services?

Answer: They would go to

Question: How would someone sign up to start their own franchise?

Answer: I would send you a link and then you can sign up. Then you will receive an email about starting your training. The training is self-paced, its not long or complicated.

Question: Break-down MCSV Corp.

Answer: MCSV Corp is the umbrella company. It’s the corporation that manages and oversees all of the other companies. That is how we are insured and registered with the security of state. MCSV Corp is a historical underutilized business and is a certified MWBE with the state. It houses the management for the Jani King Franchise, Sparkle 360, One Stop Taxes, Executive Development (small business set up), Embers Lounge (reiki and CBD healing products and consultations), and several books with retreats.

Question: What does MCSV stand for?

Answer: It stands for Matriarch Cleaning Solutions and Ventures.

Question: Is this family owned?

Answer: It is family owned but not all the staff is family.

Question: Tell me a little about your book.

Answer: The name of the book called is Niveau Suivant Motifs, which means Next Level Motivation. It took me a couple of years to post this due to other ventures. It focuses on building your mindset, motivation, and manifestation.

Question: Do you have a timeline for your retreat?

Answer: No, not just yet. We are working on building that part of our website, but it is going to launch under our Embers Lounge in a package. We will soon have a place for people to secure their place for the event.

End of Interview

Contact Info:

Jani-King, Sparkle 360 (, COVID-19 Disinfectant (, One Stop Taxes Franchise (,  Embers Lounge (CBD and 1 on 1 Reiki Consultation) – no website just yet, MCSV Corp Consulting (Executive Development and Small Business Set up), Author and Poet ( – Niveau Suivant Motifs – Next Level Motivation 

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