Introducing Mother, Wife, Teacher, Author, Publisher D.M. Whitaker

I had the great pleasure of speaking with D.M. Whitaker, a lady who wears many hats. She is passionate about them all and wears them proudly.
Meet D.M. Whitaker!

D.M. Whitaker

Question: Tell me about yourself.

D.M. Whitaker: I am a published author, a stay at home mom, and a homeschooler. I homeschool my four year old and eager one year old during the week. On the weekends, I am an ESO online teacher. I teach English to Chinese children in China through a company called VIP Kids. I am an educator by heart. Before I became a stay at home mom four years ago, I was a middle school reading teacher. This gives me an awesome opportunity to still be a teacher and work with different students to help them blossom in reading and writing, as well as still love on my boys and not miss their milestones.

Question: What does D.M. Whitaker stand for?

D.M. Whitaker: D.M. Whitaker my author name, short for Daquisha Whitaker.

Question: What kind of books do you write?

D.M. Whitaker: I write children’s books for an audience as young as six months old to eight years old. My books focus on teaching children social and functional skills. All of my books are catered towards parents, teaches, educators, and caregivers who want to help their children learn these skills. For example, brushing teeth and potty-training for functional skills, and learning how to apologize and share for social skills.

Question: How many books have you written?

D.M. Whitaker: So far I have written two books. One is a functional skills book that teaches children how to brush their teeth. It is called ‘Brush Your Teeth! Brush Your Teeth! Brandon’s Song for Healthy Teeth’. I have also published Part One of a three part book. It is called ‘The Scary Dinosaur and the Stinky Skunk’, a fable on accepting differences and accepting new friends. That one I wrote with my then three year old son, so that was really fun to write.

Question: When did you start publishing books?

D.M. Whitaker: I did not starting publishing books until after I started having children but I have been writing for many years. I have a degree in Creative Writing and then I have a Masters in Education focusing on Curriculum Instruction. I have been writing for a long time but now I have the opportunity to publish, take it seriously, and make it a business.

Question: How would someone purchase your books?

D.M. Whitaker: All of my books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books Amillion. If you’d like to get a book signed or purchase bulk orders you can go to my website

Question: Tell me a little about what you do for the children overseas?

D.M. Whitaker: It has been about fours years I have been an online teacher with VIP Kids. I get to teach Chinese children how to speak English. They come to me as a teacher to repeat, listen, and learn how to read and speak English. I work with kids as young as 3-15 years old. At this time I do it on the weekends. It is pretty awesome and fully emerged. You really see the kids blossom and do amazing things. Great kids and great families.

Question: How did you get into that program?

D.M. Whitaker: My sister-in-law had been teaching with the program during her maternity leave and she told me to check it out. I tried it as something to do until I went back to the classroom from my maternity leave and I have been doing it every since.

Question: Do you want to turn your book writing into a career?

D.M. Whitaker: Absolutely. I have four books that I am preparing to release through out this year. I am also helping others along the way. I not only want to publish my own books but publish others books as well.

Question: How do you help others who are interested in publishing a book?

D.M. Whitaker: Right now I do consultations. If someone is interested in the self publishing process and they have questions, I do a 30 minute consultation for $22.00. I also offer packages that help with identifying where they are in the process, what they want to write, and what they need. I help with the legalities and getting the book published on websites. Anyone can contact me and set up a consultation on my website at

Question: How long do you think it takes to get a children’s book published?

D.M. Whitaker: From start to finish it could take from 2-3 months, and most of that time is illustrator time.

Question: How do juggle all of your responsibilities?

D.M. Whitaker: I know that my kids are my first priority. I do my business and entrepreneurial things during their nap time and before they wake up in the morning. My husband is really good about giving me time to teach on the weekends.

It takes a lot of structure but it works out really well. When you are driven and passionate about your work it is never burdensome you just make time for it.


D.M. Whitaker Added: Go to my website to check out my blog and podcast called ‘The Mommy Chronicles’. On my podcast I discuss my experiences of being a black mom in this century and learning the ins and outs of parenting.

Facebook: Author D.M. Whitaker

Instagram: @dmwhitaker_writes

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