Meet Tamara Bodenhamer…Your #1 Scentsy Consultant

We had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about this beautiful lady, mother, Scentsy Consultant, and much more. Please read more about her and reach out to her directly for your smell good needs….

Question: Tell me about yourself.

Tamara: My name is Tamara Bodenhamer. I am a military brat, so I’ve lived in a lot of different states. I was born in Florida. I attended Palm Beach Atlantic University and I do not plan to finish at the moment. I love gaming, football, basketball, and anime.

Question: How long have you been an entrepreneur business?

Tamara: I’ve been with Scentsy for two months. 

Question: How did you get into your business?

Tamara: Well, I decided to join for extra money at first but then I realized that I wanted more than just extra funds. I love to work and still go out to the beach or doing something fun with my family. But I know I will be able to get there one day. 

Question: Is this your full time occupation? If not, how do you make time for both?

Tamara: I’m a full time health insurance examiner. I will do my business after I clock out from my main job. Can’t work both while on the clock. So, I will try to manage after work.  

Question: What are some challenges you have faced?

Tamara: Oh gosh, it is when I don’t have time to cook dinner. I got off the crockpot train for a bit and I might hop back on because I really don’t want to order out anymore lol. 

Question: What do you love most about your business?

Tamara: I just love the fact that I will get the products that I love and share with my friends and family. 

Question: Do you see yourself expanding in the future?

Tamara: I do. I would love to see myself with my family day and night and out having fun. And have my dream beach house on the Gulf in Florida. 

Question: What advise do you have for other female business owners?

Answer: I will say don’t over do yourself and also be strong. You got this. It’s something I will tell myself every day. 

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