My name is Ash’iz Tha Rebirth and I specialize in assisting women in rebirthing their Diving Authentic selves. As an Alternative Health Practitioner and Spoken Word Poet/Author I utilize the modalities of energetic/intuitive work and writing/journaling techniques to help women heal the wounds of the heart in order to see their true self.

I have been in business since 2015, where after years of my own trials, triumphs and personal development skill building I was led into my mission.As a single mother of 3 I carry a lot of responsibility and my line of ministry doesn’t make it much easier; or so I thought. In all honesty the work God has trusted me to do offers the opportunity to be a better mother, friend, business owner and all around person.

To pursue my mission I must stay transparent and pure before God, people and most importantly myself; when I mention pure I mean honest about who I am, where I am along my own development. In order for me to gain any download from Spirit concerning my clients I must maintain a lifestyle of this purity and transparency and so to the best of my ability I do so; as a result, I parent more efficiently, love in a more grand way, serve with humility and empathy and so my business will always flourish because I recognize it as so much more. 

In the future there is much expansion to look forward to. I just created a new 90 day “Piece of You That Brings Peace to You” Healing Program for woman and I am currently writing my 2nd book on how not to become a canvas for others to paint upon. With the work I do expansion is inevitable and I am blessed to show up in life the way I do. 

To female business owners or dreamers; I say this, pursue your desire endlessly and at all costs if it’s what gets you motivated and feeling purposeful. Create an environment of people, places and things that are conducive to what you see in the best of your visions. 
If interested in knowing more about me and my services, 15 minute consultations are always free.

To register for the 90 day program click the linkTo stay up to date with workshops and services follow me on Facebook @ Ash’iz N Crystals and on YouTube @ Ashiz Tha Rebirth or email me beauty4rmashiz@gmail.com

If you would like to know more about ASH’IZ THA POET follow her on Facebook @ Ash’iz N Crystals and on YouTube @ Ashiz Tha Rebirth or email her at  beauty4rmashiz@gmail.com

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