Meet Elizabeth Adams, Owner of Elizabeth’s Accessories

Question: Tell me about yourself.

Answer: I’m Owner/CEO of Elizabeth’s Accessories where I sell inspired and fashion accessories specifically for women all Fit For A Queen. I am a Customer Service Rep for an Ambulette company, Born & Raised in Queens, New York.

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Since February 2021 with little expectation of success but once I created and put out my first product the positive feedback was humbly rewarding. Starting off purchasing for myself and then falling in love with the versatility of accessorizing was my main spark of interest.

Question: How do you manage your children, full time job and entrepreneurial business?

Answer: No children. With the responsibility of opening an office at 5am I do have a small window to work my business, thank goodness for social media and CWOC group, it makes my marketing much easier. After work once I get home I dedicate myself to invoicing and packaging for next day shipping.

Question: What are some challenges you have faced?

Answer: Competition!…I often come across several small business owners with similar products so I have to constantly think of ways and ideas to stand apart from the rest. I also find challenging, practicing customer service follow up skills (go figure lol). I am definitely mindful of it and have improved significantly.

Question: Do you see yourself expanding in the future?

Answer: Absolutely. My original love interest is creating baskets where my goal is to target nursing homes/hospitals/gift shops. While I am currently a one woman show I will be looking to create an awesome staff team to take Elizabeth’s Accessories to the next level.

Question: What advice do you have for other female business owners?

Answer: Map out a plan, don’t think too hard, and go for it! Start small, expect mistakes (comes with territory). Surround yourself with positive energy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it’s all a learning process.  Support other entrepreneurs and the blessings will come back tenfold. Whatever you do, stay creative, don’t compare yourself to others and always stay encouraged! I promise you will find your way!

Question: What would you like to add?

Answer: My short term goal is to obtain my LLC before this year is over. I will need as much information and tips as I can get. Speak it into existence. Stay tuned!

For more information and to follow Elizabeth on Facebook and Instagram see her contact links below:

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