Meet the Owner of Kahshonti Naturals LLC, Kema Bass

Kashonti Naturals LLC, is a Florida based company who takes pride in the word Natural! All products are handmade from plant and food-based ingredients. All food products are 100% organic and homegrown.

Kema Bass

Question: Tell me about yourself? 

Answer: I’m 41 years old, married, a college graduate, and battling lupus. 

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Two years.

Question: How do you manage your children, full time job, and entrepreneurial business?

Answer: I’m disabled and don’t have a job. My boys are 21 & 25 off in college. I am a housewife with 13 chickens, a garden, and 2 dogs. I manage by having a strict schedule. 

Question: What are some challenges you have faced? 

Answer: Social media content and getting followers to engage with my posts, capital to build my brand, and my health. Sometimes I push myself way to far. 

Question: Do you see yourself expanding in the future?

Answer: Most definitely. I want to one day open a retail location with a coffee shop. 

Question: What advice do you have for other female business owners?

Answer: Go for it. No matter what, bring your vision to life. You have to start somewhere. We as women have to work extra hard. You will get discouraged and overlooked but your time is coming. 

Question: What would you like to add?

Answer: Be ambitious, make time for self care, and always have goals. 

Contact/Social Media Information:

Kahshonti Naturals, LLC   Sanford, FL

Facebook @kahshonti

Instagram @kahshonti

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