Meet Small Business Owner, Charisse Glenn-Harris

Charisse Glenn-Harris offers a product that helps support others in their weight loss journey.

Question: Tell me about yourself? 

Answer: I am a 55 yr young married mother of two adults, grandmother of 7 who is a Native New Yorker, moved to Maryland at 14.  I raised my children in Baltimore and Baltimore County.  I worked for the USPS until 9/11 and resigned.  I worked for MTA for 10 years and resigned in 1/2016.  I received my Associates and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.  I received my Masters of Science in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Change in 2014 from Colorado Tech University Online.  I began my business (created the LLC) in 2012.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I was not able to pursue it as I would have liked.  I moved to Florida in 2017 and fought for disability as I have been in 12 motor vehicle accidents, 2 of which were my fault.  I have degenerative disease in my neck and lower back and carpal tunnel in both hands.  Still I Rise.

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: I began with Bye, Bye Belly in May of this year because I was not healthy in my mind, body or spirit.  As of today, I am healthier, happier and know who I am and whose I am.  

Question: How do you manage your children, full time job, and entrepreneurial business?

Answer: The blessing is that I am currently a resident of North Carolina and I am in business for myself full-time.  No small children, grandchildren live in Maryland with both my children.  I am on disability, I haven’t worked for anyone since I left the MTA in 2016.

Question: What are some challenges you have faced?

Answer: I face physical challenges everyday, but knowing that Everything is working for my Good, keeps me moving on and forward in the NOW.

Question: Do you see yourself expanding in the future?

Answer: I absolutely will be expanding in the future to help others achieve their personal and business goals of Success.  The Kingdom of God first and foremost.

Question: What advice do you have for other female business owners?

Answer: My advice to other female business owners is to make sure you love what you are doing and that it is aligned with who you were meant to be for the Glory of God.  Don’t give up on your Dreams or Passions, if it does not feel good on the inside, pivot and do something else.  Everyday is a new day.  I am a Lifelong Learner and I am always learning something new everyday.  Never think you got it all or know it all, because WE do not, only God.  Let God be God.

Question: What would you like to add?

Answer: Appreciate the Journey of this thing called LIFE!  It is a process, nothing happens overnight as well as, To Thine Own self BE TRUE!!

Contact information:

Facebook: Charisse Glenn-Harris


Phone: 336-929-3240

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