About Us

Shurelle Berlack

Starting a small business is not easy but it is something that I have always wanted to do. So I did just that. During all the craziness the world experienced during 2020, I was able to start an E-Commerce Novelty Shop called Embrace Me Beads LLC. I am also working full time, and holding down a part-time as a vendor for various title companies as a signing agent (S Berlack Notary Services). Mind you, I also am divorced and have three small children at home. I love the hustle of it all!

I also always had the drive to help others. If I know something that can help others, why not share it? There is plenty of room for all of us to learn, grow, and build. With that being said, when Amanda Scott approached me about us partnering to start a networking business for women, I immediately said ‘I’d love too!’

So let’s do just that. Network, learn, grow, share, and confide in each other. Collaborative Women of Color LLC is here for you. Lets do this ladies!

Amanda Scott

I am married to a wonderful husband, Monrae, who supports a all of my endeavors. I am a Certified Nursing Assistant of 22 years, and a CPR/First Aid Instructor. I have had many challenging times in my life where I just felt like nothing was going right and wanted to give up.

I went on a deep spiritual journey to understand myself and who I am. I have also loved helping people and seeing them prosper in life. This is why I am looking forward and stepping out on faith to embark on this new journey, Collaborative Women of Color LLC, with Shurelle Berlack.

I am looking forward to having her as a partner. CWOC LLC is a networking platform for all women to embrace and support each other. Peace, love, and blessings. May your light shine bright.